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4 plays Eyes, Nose, Lips [Cover] Lydia Paek

Lydia Paek Cover

A TRAIN CYPHER (Jin, J-Reyez, Jargon, Lil Crazed, Rob Campman)

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Я | ♛

♪ soundcloud.com/rey671 #2pac #music #soundcloud #ЯEMIX | ♛

♪ soundcloud.com/rey671

149 plays Just Let It Go 4tune


4tune| Just Let It Go
-Patrick (fuckyeahslowjams)

9 plays Still Tomorrow Omar LinX ft. Jenny Mayhem

Life has a way of teaching you lessons. And what you learn from those lessons is important in making your life better than it was.
Making mistakes is only human.
But making the same mistake again and again is choice. You just have to be confident in what you want without making hasty decisions. The outcome of your life is dependent on choices and actions you make. Stay focused. Life’s a struggle but with a positive outlook in it you will overcome adversity. Я | ♛

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